November 12th, 2018

Dear Ariyana,

Today is November 12th 2018.

You are currently playing on the stairs with the new diaper genie I went and got for your baby brother. Your dad has the day off as well and has been in the bathroom for the past 30 minutes, probably playing a game. The house is a mess, as usual with you running around as the tornado that you are.

We are in our new house on Bertrand Street. We have been living here for a few weeks now and its been going great! There is still a lot that needs to be done, but its turning out perfect.

Your attitude has been unreal lately. You don’t listen at all but are still the sweetest little thing. This morning you demanded me to get you white milk and a movie, and I didn’t move fast enough so you said, “ Do you want to act like a mom?” …. Which blew me away because I don’t know where you pick up the things you say sometimes. But of course, I couldn’t help but laugh.

You are potty trained now which is great, but you yell every 30 minutes that you are done and that we need to wipe your butt. So hopefully one day soon, you can master that skill as well.

Watching TV is still your favorite thing to do: You favorite shows right now are; Mia and me, Sophia the first, and you are obsessed with the new movie Gnome Alone.

You can count to 20, but still get lazy and miss numbers on purpose. 14 and 15 will forever be missing I think at this point. You can sing your ABC’s but still don’t know how to recognize the letters. We will start working on that this summer. Shapes are almost all mastered. You can’t remember the word rectangle to save your life, but I have no doubt that you will pick up on it soon.

Singing and dancing is still your favorite thing to do. You are the biggest girly girl and love to wear jewelry. For Christmas this year you insist that the only things you want are: a pink crown and a snowflake.

You went through a phase this year where the only thing you wanted to wear was dresses, so that is what you did.

You starting taking a dance class this year with Noah and you loved it. When that was over you started gymnastics, which you do with Coco. The first session you did was on Monday’s but now we switched to Saturday’s, so we will see how that works with our schedules. You are doing so well and you get great feedback from your teacher.

I currently am just watching Coco now because Noah and Dylan are moving. For the most part you guys have fun, but you both are very strong willed little girls so you butt heads sometimes.

You were so stuck on our baby being a girl and you had her name all picked out: Lyla Silvernail. We just found out last Friday that it was a boy and those first few moments you were not happy and it actually looked like you were cursing the lord. But you have came around to the idea and now you are excited. I can’t wait to see how you are being a big sister.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much baby girl! Ill continue writing these for you, as things change so quickly.